How to Improve Jawlines with Threading Procedure?

How Thread Lifting can Improve Jawline?

When the skin below the jawline sags and wrinkles appear, be sure that aging has begun. Naturally, not many are comfortable with this undesirable transformation in their facial features. Hence, the aesthetic manufacturer companies are switching their focus on discovering innovative ways to achieve a more defined jawline. Tightening skin by using thread lifts has proven to be one of the most effective approaches in achieving this goal. The idea of this discussion is to educate the readers about the effectiveness of thread lifts in countering the issue under discussion. We first talk about the process, and then about the products that are simply the best in business right now.


Improving Jawlines with PDO Thread Lifts

PDO refers to polydioxanone, a biodegradable polymer. Tiny threads made of PDO are used for lifting the skin and for creating in process, a more defined jawline. These threads are inserted below the surface of the skin via blunt-ended needles. As the threads lift thelower lose skin upwards, excess threads are cut. It is worth mentioning here that local anesthesia is applied before initiating the procedure. Efficacy of PDO thread lifts can last for as much as three years, depending upon the quality of threads used.


PDO Thread Lifts to Consider

Finding the premium quality PDO threads in a market that is stacked with such products can be quite taxing. In the following lines, we briefly discuss a couple of trustworthy choices that are easily accessible as well.

·         Intraline PDO Threads Cog Dimension 360 B2190-C-21G

Mecobi’s PDO threads are fast becoming a popular choice in the dermatology world. When one closely analyses the barbed filaments and takes into account the spiral patterns which these threads feature, the fame linked with these threads becomes quite comprehensible. The threads come with needles needed for PDO threading.


The product is CE (ConformitèEuropëenne) certified and complies with the EU and US product safety directives for:

  • Composition
  • Compatibility with other products
  • Labelling & packaging
  • Use, warnings & instructions


·         Intraline PDO Threads Cog Dimension C19100-C-19G

This is another Mecobi product that is more suited for mature skin since its cog dimensions are more favourable for holding skin. Similar to the previous, this one also leaves its mark on skin for as long as two years. Apart from giving your jaws a more defined look, these threads are also a great choice for countering wrinkles. The mono threads come with barbs that hook beneath the skin surface. Although these cogs are safe to use for anyone, possible side effects like swelling and redness cannot be ruled out completely.

Potential Complications

PDO thread lifts can sharpen the jawline to an amazing difference-making extent. However, there is a slight risk that these threads can lead to complications as well. Some of the commonly reported complications include discomfort, infection, bleeding, and tissue scarring. Worst case scenario, the body can reject PDO threads completely, thereby making them protrude out of the skin. However, the incidence of such cases is quite small.


Intraline PDO Threads are a reliable treatment option to rejuvenate skin and prevent sagging. They tighten your skin and slow down the aging process by supporting facial tissue structure and integrating collagen synthesis. However, their use requires expert training and skill. Only an expert aesthetician can accurately anchor the threads into subdermal layer to pull the skin into higher spots and restore the youthful years. Nonetheless, the treatment is safe for everyone and poses little risk, no matter what your skin type and tone are.

Medica Dermal has a wide range of top-quality Intraline PDO Threads that are re-absorbable and have an excellent safety profile. The PDO threads are well-suited for several cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, facials and peels.




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