What Happens When Dermal Fillers Wear Off

What Happens When Dermal Fillers Wear Off?

Dermal fillers wear off by dissolving into the skin over time, leaving you with a natural skin appearance.

One of the biggest concerns that people who are considering dermal fillers have is what happens after the fillers wear off.

This article will discuss what you can expect after the dermal fillers wear off and how to make their impact on the skin last longer.

Do fillers wear off completely?

Fillers wear off entirely over time, and the time it takes depends on the type of filler injected.

Fillers gradually dissolve into the skin, and this causes it to regain its natural appearance. Gradual changes occur on your skin as the fillers are dissolved, and their impact disappears.

This wear-off is why you need to get a retouch after a while to ensure that the injected areas retain the immediate post-treatment appearance. Without a retouch, all the injected filler dissolves entirely into the skin, causing it to regain its natural appearance.

Do fillers make the skin sag?

As dermal fillers wear off, the skin does not sag beyond how it would have if the patient had not been injected.

As we age or lose weight, the skin becomes loose due to the loss in volume, making it appear wrinkled. Fillers add volume to the injected face areas eliminating the wrinkles and making you look smooth.

When injected by a professional, they only fill up the target area to where the skin appears smooth and is not overstretched. Also, if injected on your nose to make it appear straight, the quantity injected is limited to what the skin can handle comfortably.

What makes fillers dissolve faster?

Dermal fillers will dissolve at different rates making the skin go back to its natural appearance. Below are some factors that affect how fast fillers dissolve:

I. Movement in the Injected Area

The more movement or activity there is in an injected area, the faster the fillers in that area will dissolve.

This is why lip fillers wear off faster than fillers in other areas of your face.

II. Body Metabolism Rate

Your body’s metabolism rate is another reason that determines how fast the filler is absorbed.

This is why fillers wear off at a faster rate in people who are very active such as athletes.

III. Skin Care

Taking good care of your skin will make the fillers’ impact last longer, and neglecting your skin will have the opposite effect. For instance, failure to stay hydrated or wear sunscreen makes the filler wear off faster.

How to make fillers last longer.

These three factors determine how fast the fillers dissolve into the skin:

  1. Type of filler injected
  2. The thickness of the filler
  3. The body that is injected into

However, there are several other steps that you can take to make the filler last longer.

I. Eating a Healthy Diet

Eating processed and fast foods increases inflammation in your body, and this causes the body to raise the metabolism rate, thereby dissolving the filler faster.

To make the results of your filler last longer, eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

II. Protection from the Sun

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays increases the breakdown rate of some fillers.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid direct sunlight between 10 AM and 4 PM to maximize the effectiveness of the fillers.

If you can’t avoid being under the sun, wear sunscreen and a wide brim hat covering your face.

III. Moderate Exercise

Being overactive raises your metabolism rate, and this makes the body break down the fillers faster.

Therefore, maintain regular moderate exercise that keeps you healthy without putting your metabolism on overdrive.

IV. Taking Care of Your Skin

Using a moisturizer regularly extends the impact of fillers made from hyaluronic acid.

A healthy skin combined with the fillers will leave your face looking vibrant and younger. This enhances your confidence and leaves you feeling and looking your best.

V. Scheduling Retouch Appointments

If you plan to let the fillers completely wear off, you start to see the skin slowly regain the natural appearance months before all of it dissolves.

To ensure that the fillers’ impact lasts longer, schedule routine touch-ups to refill areas with lost volume.

VI. Managing Stress

The body releases cortisol hormones when you are under too much stress. This hormone accelerates the aging process, which reduces the impact of your fillers.

Managing stress by engaging in meditation, practicing yoga, or moderate exercises will help your dermal fillers last longer.

What happens when lip fillers wear off

Your lips will go back to their natural appearance after your fillers wear off.

This is because the skin on the lips is flexible enough to handle the extra volume of fillers.

People who are used to seeing their lips full due to the fillers are likely to think that they are too deflated after it wears off.

Ensure that you seek advice from a qualified professional about the lip filler that is best for you based on the expectations and planned budget.

Lip fillers wear off faster than fillers injected in other areas of the face because lips move and stretch more than other areas of the face.

When evaluating your lips after the fillers wear off, consider that the aging process is still going on. Therefore, letting them wear off after several years will reflect the changes that have occurred due to the passing of time.


Dermal fillers wear off over time, making the skin regain its natural appearance.

You can reduce the rate at which the fillers dissolve by eating a healthy diet, maintaining a regular skincare routine, only doing moderate exercise, and scheduling retouch appointments.

Consult a doctor before choosing the dermal filler to use. This will help to align your choice with your expectations.

Ensure you also learn more about what can make the fillers chosen last longer.




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