The Clinical Do’s and Don’ts of Using Bio-cellulose Facial Peeling Masks

The Clinical Do’s and Don’ts of Using Bio-cellulose Facial Peeling Masks

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Why Biocellular Facial Masks Are So Popular?

The answer to this question lies in the word bio-cellulose. Biocellular or bio-cellulose facial peeling masks have a story to sell, which makes them so different from all these other cosmetic products. You see, the manufactures of these masks are big on keeping our environment clean and toxin-free. Hence, a 100% biological method is adopted to produce these little beauties. What is more, they are superior in terms of efficiency as well, when put in comparison with traditional peeling masks. We are talking about better adhesion, higher absorption, ultra-thin bio fibers, and a more convenient profile overall. Impressive, isn’t it?

The Do’s

Now when it comes to the clinical application of bio-cellulose masks, the following are the points that every user and dermatologist needs to remember:

  1. Preparing skin after reading instructions on the product label is critical.
  2. Overdoing or underdoing the activity will render it futile, please wear the mask for a prescribed time only.
  3. Letting skin soak in serum is beneficial, go for some more if you have to.
  4. Make sure that a consistent routine is adopted. Only then can one expect optimal results.
  5. Apply only premium quality bio-cellulose facemasks on your skin. We will talk about one later.

The Don’ts

Almost everyone knows about the do’s, but it is the don’ts that mess up everything. Please pay heed to what we are about to share with you, the ultimate result of this activity can be seriously affected by one of the following mistakes:

  1. Do not forget to cleanse your face before you apply the facemask.
  2. Identify the bio-cellulose layer in the masks which come with three layers. Usually, it is the middle one.
  3. Dermatologists don’t need to fidget about the durability of bio-cellulose, tearing it takes a dedicated effort.
  4. Don’t waste the extra serum in the foil pouch.
  5. Don’t overdo things. The average time for application is 20-25 minutes.

Product to Ponder: Jalupro Moisturizing Biocellular Masks

There is more than one way in which these masks can sharpen your facial looks. For one, they can counter the dullness that stems from dehydration effectively, for another, they can reduce the wrinkle burden. Their effect on collagen synthesis is also a positive one. For those of you who are curious about the application, well these masks are ideal for both home and clinic both. Because the idea behind these masks is to defy the symptoms of aging, they are good to go with clinical aesthetic procedures like needling, laser therapy, etc.

Final Thoughts

Bio-cellulose masks are ideal for more than one occasion, these can be easily your first choice before you go trotting to a party or board a plane for traveling abroad. However, one thing that must be stated in no uncertain terms is that a mask is only good as its manufacturer! At Medical Derma, we house only the best products, quality-wise. If you are fascinated by the quality of one sample that we have shown you in this discussion, you should definitely dig a little deeper here!




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