Lip Filler Aftercare: What You Need to Know

Lip fillers can be great, but they may not provide the results you expect if you don’t take good care of your lips after getting them filled. Here are some aftercare tips to make sure your lip filler treatment looks good and lasts longer.

Plan Ahead

Using a reputable cosmetic surgeon can greatly reduce your risk of complications from lip injections. Be sure to plan ahead—don’t schedule lip filler injections at a party, for example—and ask your doctor any questions before getting inked. Also, make sure that you’re open with your doctor about how many fillers (if any) and Botox you’ve had on your lips previously.

If you have had more than two rounds of lip fillers, it is best to consult with an expert who has experience treating patients who have received multiple rounds of lip injections. If you are planning on having Botox injected into your lips, be aware that there is less room for error than when injecting Botox into other areas because there is no muscle or fat tissue beneath the skin.

Protect Your Lips

After the procedure, you may feel an uncomfortable tingling sensation, but don’t worry! This is perfectly normal and is due to swelling. To protect your lips, make sure not to rub or touch them until they settle down—usually within a few hours of treatment. It’s also a good idea to avoid spicy foods (think tacos and pizza), as these can further irritate your lips. The best way to soothe swollen lips? Cold compresses! Put some ice in a plastic bag and hold it against your lips for 5-10 minutes every hour or so.

The After Effects

The most important thing to remember when undergoing lip filler treatment is that it will take time for your lips to settle. You may experience some swelling, tenderness, and minor bruising during and directly after your procedure, but most of these side effects should disappear within one week. Because lip fillers are injected into soft tissue, it’s best not to exercise or apply heavy pressure directly on your face for at least two days. After that time has passed, avoid excessive sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily for at least three months. It’s also important to keep a close eye on your lips over time, as they may continue to change slightly even after several weeks have passed. If you notice any changes in color or texture, contact your doctor immediately.

Fix Your Shape

Lip fillers last for a period of time, but we can’t make them last forever. Over time your lip filler will eventually soften and therefore become less permanent. This is why it’s important to come in every six months for touch-ups! We take off any soft or settled filler and then add back a little more; at least enough so that your lips are brought back up to where they were before. When your shape is fixed and refreshed, you can get back to smiling confidently again!

How do I keep my shape from fading?

It’s normal for some fillers to naturally settle over time. The best way to keep your lips as full as possible is by getting regular touch-ups. If you have really stubborn filler that just won’t go away on its own, there are other things you can do (like using hyaluronidase) but most patients find it easiest just to plan their next appointment ahead of time!

Go Slowly

If your lips are particularly sensitive, try adding a layer of Vaseline around your lips and remove it when they feel normal again. Remember that lip filler can take up to two weeks before you see full results, so don’t expect all your wrinkles and imperfections to disappear immediately. If some areas seem more bruised than others, use ice packs on those spots for 20 minutes at a time.

You may also want to consider applying petroleum jelly or other moisturizers frequently throughout the day. Once you’ve reached your desired look, be sure to keep up with regular appointments every few months to maintain your new look!

Have Patience

The swelling is what your doctor is most concerned about, so be prepared for your lips to look even more swollen than they did right after treatment. You may also experience a mild burning sensation. This will eventually subside, but it’s a good idea to wait at least two hours before applying lip gloss or lipstick—as those formulas can cause irritation if applied while you’re still swollen.

If possible, take ibuprofen an hour before the filler appointment. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Make sure you have water on hand during your recovery time. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and sipping on electrolyte-infused liquids like coconut water to replenish lost nutrients that are released from cells during healing. Be patient! Your lips will continue to heal over several days as new collagen fibers are formed within your skin. These new fibers give skin its firmness, plumpness, and shape—and they also contribute to its overall health and appearance. Don’t pick or scratch!

Looking to Find the Best Lip Fillers?

In this article, we have discussed the aftercare of lip fillers. There are a lot of precautions and after-care methods that you will need to do after you have undergone the procedure. But, it will all depend on how well your body adjusted to the procedure. It is still imperative for you to go ahead and consult your dermatologist and follow their advice right after the procedure.

If you are looking for the best lip fillers, you may go ahead and check out our site to get an overview of the best products available for you and your trusted clinic. You may go ahead and ask your doctor for their recommendations but it is still best to know ahead of time, which product it is they are to use to plump up your lips.




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